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In 1684, the first use of wood floors was in the Versailles Palace in France, to be considered at that time an icon of luxurious palaces, adding an aesthetic of decoration. The product has spread all over countries of the world, and the wooden flooring topped the designs of the decorators until it became a landmark of beauty in the design of interior decoration. Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not isolated from the world, the Saudi companies competed to bring these products. We, Al-Ghomlas Trading Company, became the first company that specialized in wood floors (parquet) to be in 2008, the first launch for Al-Ghomlas Trading Company to provide high-quality wood floors for the requirements of interior decoration for designers, exhibitions and customers by providing the finest products, distinguished by the quality of the industry and the luxury of the product, designed and implemented by specialized technicians.

Our strategy and vision

Our Vision

The real value is to create mutual confidence with our customers; on this principle, Al-Ghomlas Trading Company believes that the customer is the main partner and the first catalyst for development and progress. The company seeks, through attracting high competencies and continuing training and development to become a leader in the field of interior and exterior decorations to create cadres capable of achieving the level of ambition that the company and its customers aspire to. The Company's Vision also includes expanding its activities to cover the largest area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the next few years, in addition to expanding in the field of E-marketing through the company's online store.

Our Mission

  • Full attention to the implementation of projects and services that are provided to our customers with the highest quality standards of and levels, while ensuring the product and the ingenuity of the technicians in charge of the implementation.
  • Aiming to provide the best product to fulfill the customer's satisfaction, taking into account affordable prices and competition in the local market.
  • Expanding the service to cover the local need.
  • Activating the online store to facilitate access to the customer and complete the purchase process easily.
  • Our Objectives and Our Values

    Our Objectives

    The main objective of Al-Ghomlas Company is to provide products and services of high quality and value, in addition to diversifying products to meet different desires of customers. Al-Ghomlas Company also seeks to form distinguished partnerships with a number of local and international companies and enterprises to achieve common interests, to build broad and solid working ties with the local, regional and international business community. Among our responsibility as a local company with a national concern, we, Al-Ghomlas Company, aim to create job opportunities for qualified Saudi manpower, train and develop them to integrate them into the labor market.

    Our Values

  • • To have good relationships with clients and success partners.
  • • To exchange experiences with partners and benefit from their knowledge.
  • • To have fruitful cooperation with competitors and benefiting from their experiences.
  • • To create strong relationships among our employees, reinforcing teamwork, creating a productive atmosphere featured with inclusivity and integration, and to spread the spirit of teamwork.
  • Partners

    Thank you partners of success